Agne Muralyte

International physical theatre actress and mover


Once poetry brought me to the theatre. There I got to know that body speaks. This discovery made me interested in experimenting with different forms of movement.

My purpose is to use the actor’s body as the main tool for expression and creation. In my work, I replace the usual actions with unusual behaviors.

The movement is able to speak louder than words without demonstration. When the body is fully engaged, it opens a new imaginary space, which is ambiguous and indefinite. It always demands time to be explored. Then poetry, creation, and sensitivity are able to settle down in an artistic act.



Agne Muralyte

Actress / Dancer / Writer

Natural from Kaunas, Lithuania, 1989

At the age of 19 she moved to work and study abroad.  Since then she has developed her artistic research around the world (Poland, Russia, France, Latvia, Estonia, Greece, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Taiwan, The Philippines, Indonesia).

Actually she is able to work in 6 languages (Lithuanian, English, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Catalan).

She works both with theater companies and as an independent artist, and also works in the educational and social fields.

During her career she has participated in numerous workshops, art festivals, art residencies and other events.

Agne Muralyte’s work has been strongly influenced by the movement practises with Claire Heggen, a founder of „Théâtre du Mouvement”.

She also organizes interviews with  theatre and dance artists in different countries. Her articles are being published in art magazines.   


2017 - Present

International Independent Artist

Lithuania, Poland, France, Spain, Russia, Denmark, Latvia, Estonia, Portugal, Taiwan, The Philippines, Indonesia

Since I am not forming part of one company, I have the freedom to explore and collaborate with other creators and companies.

During this period I create and direct my own performances, participate in art residencies, and focus on research of artistic techniques and methods.

2015 - 2017

Actress in theater "Studium Teatralne"


Work with director Piotr Borowski, actors Gianna Benvenuto and Danny Kearns. Active physical training and work with adults through physical theatre workshops. Creating and acting in a physical theatre performance.

2012 - 2015

Actress in Klaipeda Youth Theater


Forming part of a Lithuanian theatre company. Acting in performances for children, teenagers and adults directed by different Lithuanian directors.


Actress and mime in "Teatr Nie Teraz”


Collaborating with a Polish theatre company, creating a performance and touring with it in Poland. Street mime performing.



Contemporary dance studies at Superior Dance Conservatory of Valencia

Valencia, Spain

Master degree "Theater in Education" at UV

Valencia, Spain

Theater acting in Klaipeda University

Klaipeda, Lithuania

Theater Academy

Vilnius, Lithuania.


Lithuanian 100%
English 100%
Polish 90%
Spanish 80%
Rusian 70%
Catalan 40%